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Banquet/Booth seating

Banquet seating is a bench placed against a wall or tight spot in a residential home in addition to a table and chairs. The bench banquet seat allows a versatile seating option that saves room in the eating area and offers a variety of benefits in the home. Banquet seating has been a popular seating solution in restaurants for ages, but now the seating option is finding more popularity in homes. Not only does banquette seating take up less space, but also, unlike a typical chair, you can build storage into the space under the bench. That's a double win. Buy Booth seating furniture in Dubai A group of patrons that is seated in a booth may feel as though they have their own separate space within a restaurant, making for more intimate dining. Booth seating also tends to place patrons closer together, adding another layer of intimacy. A booth for four with fixed seating can fit into a 42×60-inch space.

Restaurant booths are generally made of wood with springs and high density foam seat and back upholstered in fabric or vinyl. Some booths come fully padded and upholstered whereas others have a partially padded back or padded wood seat and back. Most dining table dimensions feature a height between 28 and 30 inches (0.76 m) tall, which is enough space for most people to dine comfortably. Some tables are even as short as 24 inches (0.61 m), requiring lower chairs to balance the lack of height.

Where to buy Banquet seating or Booth seating

HKZ Interior Decoration LLC. have started a decade back with limited number of products and services. Over these years we became the best in the market with our constant effort and quality of products. Be it a curtain or furniture we do it with accuracy and deliver the best. If you are looking for Booth seating or Banquet seating for a restaurant we can help you with a free consultation in order to make sure that your needs and requirement understood properly. This helps us provide you the best. Follow us on social media for latest offers and discounts. Banquette Upholstery company in UAE. Are you planning to renovate your place to a brand new look? HKZ Interior Decoration LLC offers a highly skilled and innovative Upholstery / Re-Upholstery service across UAE. Banquette seating are those ones which use limited space but provides maximum comfort and usability of the same. Our reputation is built on the finish and quality of the work that we produce and it’s something which we pride ourselves on. We specialize in the production of upholstered banquette seating. We can manufacture a wide variety of banquette seating – for private clients and domestic projects right through to large commercial builds and have supplied banquette seating for various restaurants and hotels in Dubai and all over UAE. When it comes to restaurants You need to choose the filling and material in a way that it gives maximum softness and comfort.

Banquette seating Repair and Upholstery at Best Price

A banquette is visibly more comfortable and cozy than a regular chair. However, it's also a different seating solution that doesn't allow individual use. So the fact that it needs to be shared by several people. Upholstery is always better than installing or getting a new banquette seating. So if you are searching for a professional to reupholster your old Banquette Seating to give it a new life also that fits in your financial plan? Then we are the best option for you available in the UAE market. HKZ Interior Decortaion LLC can Re-upholster your old Banquette Seating with a wide range of options of Banquette Seating styles. Our professional and experienced staff will visit your office or restaurant or hotel and help you to select from a wide range of fabrics and Re-Upholstery options. We provide best services of Banquette Upholstery works in Dubai and make your old or damaged sets turn into a new one. Our team of experts at HKZ Interior Decoration LLC works on the leather fabric, interior, wooden frames and steel designs to get the best results. We provide customized service to all our clients and make sure that all their needs are fulfilled.

Planning to do Upholstery / Re-Upholstery of Banquette Seating, Get in customized welcome to HKZ Interior Decortaion LLC. We provide a complete home decor solution by designing and installing stylish curtains, blinds, designing upholstered furniture and all that is required to revamp your home! Follow us on social media for offers and discounts.