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Bed and HeadBoard Upholstery

The bed is where you spend about one-third of your life if you get the recommended eight hours of sleep per night. Most modern beds consist of a soft, cushioned mattress on a bed frame, the mattress resting either on a solid base, often wood slats, or a sprung base. Some beds contain neither a padded mattress nor a bed frame, such as the hammock,which is considered one of the most comfortable places to rest while swaying side to side. From the beauty of a sleigh bed to the craftsmanship of a poster bed or platform bed, there is a wide range of beds to choose from. A king-size bed is ideal for an extra wide room, while a queen size bed fits nicely in a room that's a bit smaller. A queen bed can also be used in a guest room. Paired with form and function, a platform bed with storage often features drawers on each side of the bed,a smart feature to have for a guest bed.

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Need extra storage space? HKZ Interior Deciration LLC have all those modern bed designs with built-in shelves on the headboard. Nowadays bed with storage is a blessing. People those who are living in apartments with limited space fins it as the best option to store bed sheets, Pillow cover and those extra pillows instead of wasting space on another shelf.

Best Beds & Headboards in Dubai

The Greek bed had a wooden frame, with a board at the head and bands of hide laced across, upon which skins were placed. It was then that the four-poster bed (also known as a tester bed) made its first appearance, the bed being slung from the ceiling or fastened to the walls, a form which developed later into a room within a room, shut in by double curtains, sometimes even to exclude all drafts. For heavy duty or larger frames (such as for queen- and king-sized beds), the bed frame also includes a center support rail. Although not truly parts of a bed frame, headboards, foot boards , and bed rails can be included in the definition. Bed rails and frames are often attached to the bed post using knock-down fittings.