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CNC Cutting and Engraving (2D/3D)

In HKZ Interior Decoration LLC, the CNC cutting service ranges in the most simple of designs to those in intricate detail. To be able to enable this, we have with us, specialists, who make certain that the design is executed to perfection. In addition, we have the newest advancements in technology to aid us in ensuring the quality is preserved. Constant training is given to the workforce, by specialists from outside and people inside, to ensure that the output stands out from the rest.

We also supply CNC Cutting Services, in order to come up with patterns on wood. The customized services provided at HKZ Interior Decoration LLC, works particularly well, in those products that combine a large number of smaller components. Under the expert guidance of our personnel, this proves to be a win-win for its clients, given the higher efficacy and cost-effectiveness, with no compromise on the quality.

CNC & Laser Engraving Service

CNC Engraving Services is just another area of specialization, here at HKZ Interior Decoration LLC. After given the measurements by the customer, the order is rendered to perfection, with the help of highly sophisticated machines and experts, who are at the forefront of the field.

Wood Carved bits have recently found its way into offices and homes. To this scope, HKZ Interior Decoration LLC designs exceptional bits, based on the customers' specifications or designs done in consultation with our team of experts.

Acrylic Carving is another service offered by HKZ Interior Decoration LLC which uses the latest technologies that aid in the creation of layouts, both little and large. Based on the demands of the clients, we take care to ensure the final product is completed only the way as required by them.